Our Story

Diana made a lifestyle change to consume a plant-based diet in 2014 which triggered her to read on ingredients used in everyday personal care products. Her eyes were opened on the harmful side effects of using personal care products that have harsh chemicals and she started experimenting on making natural personal care products. As she continued with the experiments, she shared her idea and sample products with friends and family who loved them and encouraged her to study formulating 100% natural products.

Caroline on the other hand struggled with bad acne from her teen years to her early 30’s and she had tried all sorts of prescribed treatments from medication to and oils as recommended by various dermatologists and suggestions from her family and friends. Over the years her skin would have a short relief after a treatment season and become flawless however after a short while it would get a bad acne flareup worse than the previous breakout before the treatment. She was tired of all these treatments and suggestions that seemed like a band-aid placed over a deep wound thus she decided to make a lifestyle change on living healthy and healing her skin naturally.

Together Diana & Caroline teamed up to find a natural healing remedy for acne and provide pleasant-smelling everyday natural products that would meet various skincare needs.

Caroline's acne healing journey

Our Approach

Nature’s Touch approaches its’ work with integrity with the intention of exceeding the expectations of our external and internal customers’ by upholding our promise to:

  • Afford a just and equitable work environment for all our staff members. Grow our staff member to use their skills and talents meaningfully coupled with the provision of necessary skills-building training that build one’s capacity.
  • Collaborate with grassroots organizations and individuals that provide for us quality and handpicked 100% natural ingredients.
  • Develop niche products through research, listening, and implementing customer feedback.
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