Hawi @ 5 – Faith

Hawi @ 5 - Faith

Did you know that Hawi is a faith-based business?

The faith of the founders greatly influenced the business and brand name. Nature’s Touch was coined from the belief that God has gifted us with nature for food and healing. Hawi on the other hand has several meanings in different countries and languages. In Kenya Hawi means; gift from God or Blessing, in Ethiopia it means life/hope/wish, in Eritrea it means fire and in Arabic it means the beautiful names of Allah

Hawi @ 5 - Faith


The founders believe that the closer we are to nature by the foods we eat and the skincare products we use the better we are as nature provides healing and restoration for the human body.

Hawi @ 5 - Faith

Hawi founders seeks to create natural skincare solutions from 100% natural ingredients and natural plant derivatives. Just like in ancient bible times, people used balms, oils and essential oils for beauty and healing purposes.

The bible speaks explicitly on beauty for example in Esther 2:12, before King Xerxes chose a queen it was required that all the women complete a 12months beauty treatment; 6months with oil of myrrh and 6 months with perfumes and cosmetics. I can’t imagine how soft and moisturized their bodies were after this intense treatment

Hawi @ 5 - Faith
The men also are not left behind, in 2nd Samuel 12:20, King David after fasting washed his face and applied lotions and changed his clothes.
The Bible describes David as a good looking youthful man (1 Samuel 17:42), so safe to say, great men don’t skip a skincare routine! 🙂
Hawi @ 5 - Faith

If you were in doubt, now you know that beauty treatments and personal grooming for both men and women have been in existence for a long before you were born, so treat your skin today and give it the TLC is so much deserves 🙂

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