Hawi @ 5 – Figures

Hawi @ 5 - Figures

Hawi @ 5 - Figures

It is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step!! Since 13th March 2017 the co-founders of Hawi have focused on putting one-foot in-front of the other and this has kept the business moving

It sounds simplistic but it’s very difficult when the big picture and dream in your mind & heart is not your daily reality. Its not all glam our reality consists of mundane little tacks such as accounting, manufacturing products, labelling, batching, and managing boda boda 🤦‍♀️

We have learnt that by doing the mundane we are daily moving closer and closer to achieving our vision

Today we choose to celebrate these milestones as God has been faithful:

  1. 5years of being in business
  2. 15,000+ products sold
  3. 2000+ farmers suppling oils & butter
  4. 4 product categories consisting of 14 distinct products
  5. 27 distributor partners in 9 towns, 7 counties
  6. 2 female co-founders with a 70% female workforce


We are grateful to God for leading us this far and for these different groups who have kept the Hawi dream alive:

  1. Hawi customers: Hawi wouldn’t be here if you didn’t believe in its products and buy them & refer your family & friends to buy them. You guys have been the real MVP’s that have fuelled Hawi to keep its doors open.
  2. Hawi distributors: the sheer belief that Hawi products are worthy of space in your physical shop’s shelves & online marketplaces is very heart warming. A business is only strong as its distribution network & we have been blessed with great partners.
  3. Hawi employees, consultants: the dream has been kept alive by those who work daily making sure products are manufactured, customers are responded to, accounts are done & taxes are filed. The daily little and big things are the wheels that have move Hawi forward.
  4. Hawi suppliers: the business has diverse suppliers from Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, and China who work behind the scenes ensuring that we have all the natural oils, butters and containers we need to manufacture Hawi products. The farmers who grow these oils & butters are such a big value chain to Hawi & the business wouldn’t be where it is without these farmers.
  5. Hawi co-founders’ family & friends: entrepreneurship is a hard & lonely journey which requires the right support system to succeed. We have been very blessed with amazing family & friends who have cheered Hawi on & on socially, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. We are forever indebted to have these people in our corner.

Our hearts are full & we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Hawi in God’s timing!!




  • Even I thank the lord Hawi nature touch has improved my skin so much.i love it so much and introduce it to my friends long live Hawi get the best selling in the name of Jesus.


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