My Skin Care Routine and How it Changed My Face

skincare routine

The Struggle

Everyone seems to have a skin care routine and they tell you how their routine has changed their face these days.. Well we’re here to tell you it just doesnt have to be that complicated! Today we feature Caroline’s story with an easy routine and tips she learnt for you to try that are gentle on your skin and pocket too!

I struggled with acute acne as a teenager to my early 30’s. I had tried all sorts of prescribed treatments and oils as recommended by various dermatologists as well as suggestions from family and friends and nothing worked, my skin kept getting worse.

I had known Diana for over 10 years, and she has just adopted a plant-based diet in 2014, and she learnt about harmful side effects of using personal care products that have harsh chemicals. Diana wanted to go natural and I wanted to have clear skin; it was a match made in heaven.

Together we started Nature’s Touch where we manufacturers uniquely formulated, 100% natural skincare products for health-conscious individuals, guaranteeing skin wellness with each use.

To be honest, I had my doubts that our product could work having had so much trauma from my past experiences, but I chose to trust the process. Those of you who suffer with acne know it can be a lonely journey because no body really gets what you are going through emotionally, mentally, and physically.


So, what are my top 5 tips that I learnt during my skin care journey:

  1. Stay hydrated from the inside out, this is the key to great skin health.
  2. Watch what you eat as Socrates said, “let food be thy medicine”. Limit your sugar intake which triggers your skin to produce extra oil, and thus clogs your pores and causes acne.
  3. Reduce stress by evaluating unnecessary stressors and promptly cutting them out of your life. The stress hormone cortisol causes excess oil production and dryness.
  4. Adopt a simple skin care routine that you can keep up with:
    • Cleanse – Use a natural unscented cleanser
    • Tone – Toners help to prep your skin for hydration and absorption
    • Moisturize – Seal with a great natural moisturizer. Shea Black Seed Amla is great for acne prone skin
  5. Beauty sleep is real. When we sleep, our bodies regenerate new cells, heal, and rid our bodies of acne-causing cortisol. Rest up girl you need it.

What is your skincare routine? Let us know in the comments!

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