Fiona Akello

Fiona Akello

Akello Fiona ((Picture with little smile), Ayo Betty age 27, (picture with bright smile)
Age: 32yrs
Occupation: Support staff at Yelle Shea Plant.
Location: Lira, Uganda

Describe to us your typical day at work
My name is Fiona Akello, am a mother of three children and a widow. My day starts very early with cleaning my compound and prepare my children for school. I get to work at 9am where I normally wash shea nut compressing cloths, clean and dry shea nuts for processing. My work ends at 4pm which gives me enough time to take care of my children in the evening. I am grateful for my job as it helps me take my children to school.
What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about Women knowing that they play an important
role in the family set up. We are the backbone of our homes and when we realize that we will be able to
build homes with strong families which in turn impact society positively.

What do you see as the role of a woman in society?
When women work in group, they share ideas and their labour. In our saving groups, we save money for emergency and this help us in time of
problems, like death, sickness. Working together motivates other women to learn from each other and develop new skills. Among us the group, we do rotational visiting, where we provide for the family basic
likes utensils, mats, mattress, blankets etc. When we work together we grow

Tell us where you see yourself in 5 years?
I want to buy machine for grinding simsim and groundnut
to make paste (odii). I want to work hard and by small piece of land in Akia (4 km out of Lira town)
where I can live with my children.

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