Mary Ngechu

Mary Ngechu

Name: Mary Ngechu
Occupation: Line Plast Group, Group CEO
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Describe to us your typical day at work?
My typical working day starts at 6am with an update via mail of the most important engagements of the day. My personal assistant Ruth does the painstaking job of sorting out my calendar so that the most urgent issues are attended to first. After confirming what the day holds for me, I see my daughter Severine off to school and I embark on my 30 minute drive to work while listening to Joyce Meyer- Enjoying Every Day Life
I attend to my scheduled meetings first and then allow myself to have one on one meetings with the heads of departments for daily briefs. More often than not, the briefs are done during a factory walk where I also get to engage with the rest of the team. This is normally the best part of my day because I get to see my team create products from scratch!
After the tour I normally go back to my office where I find overnight reports that I peruse through while I
take lunch. After that I plan the next day by confirming engagements and returning calls before leaving
for the day at around 4pm

What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about finding solutions to everyday problems. This can be attested by Takataka Ni Mali which is one of the projects that I am a patron where we develop skills and create decent jobs for Kenyans while contributing to industrial growth. In doing this we contribute to shaping the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the region.

What do you see as the role of a woman in society?
As you well know, a woman is the key to sustainable development and quality of life in a family. The varieties of role the woman assumes in the family are those of wife, leader, administrator, income manager and last but not the least, the role of the mother.
However, a woman’s role has changed tremendously in the recent past and is making its greatest impact in our society today. In the past, our contribution to society was limited and controlled by men but now women are standing tall and are playing major roles in shaping their future. They are serving as teachers, doctors, engineers, administrators entrepreneurs, politicians, scholars, reformers, poets, writers and even heads of the states.

Tell us where you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself as a thought leader to other women and entrepreneurs. A trail blazer that will be supporting and growing small to mid-size enterprises (SMEs) while solving the waste management problem in the region.

How can women support each other to grow?
Women trying to rise up into leadership face cultural and systemic hurdles that make it harder for them to advance. The way to overcome these hurdles is to form close connections with other women who can share their experiences.
From women who have been there, done that—from how to ask for what you’re worth to bringing your unique talents to leadership. By raising each other up and channeling the power of collaboration is truly how we’ll change the

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