Rose Gitonga

Rose Gitonga

Name: Rose Wanja Gitonga
Occupation: Skincare consultant
Location: Goodlife Pharmacy Sarit Centre

Describe to us your typical day at work
I report to work at 8:00 am, 30 minutes earlier so that I plan my day efficiently. I declutter my desk so that I have a clean working space. I read all the mails as I refer to my to do list so that I note if there is anything from the mails that is urgent. I go around the pharmacy to check if everything is in order and if anything needs my attention. I arrange items on the shelves which were delivered the previous day and counter check clients orders. I check my days appointments and follow up with clients as well as attending to clients who walk in for consultations. I also place orders to suppliers for products that are almost out of stock or out of stock.
Before the day ends I contact doctors who prescribe skincare product for varying clients’ needs. At the end of the day I consolidate a list of all my new clients that I need to set an appointment with, write the days report and balance the books of accounts to ensure that the cash, credit card and mpesa sales are balanced.

What are you passionate about?
My work is my passion, actually I do not feel like I am working because caring for the skin and researching about skin and skin care is something I have always enjoyed. I create time to research on products that my clients inquire about and ensure that I give credible advice. I admire good looking healthy skin, so my passion is making everyone I encounter look and feel good about themselves.

What do you see as the role of a woman in society?
A woman is a very important human being in the society. God has blessed a woman with the ability to bring forth life through childbearing, so she is made as a vessel to connect generations, to be a peacemaker, a planner, a role model and teacher. Women are looked upon by the society as role models for all generations and people learn a lot from the way a woman works hard and perseveres through life’s challenges. A woman is the most amazing being created by God.

Tell us where you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years from now I would like to own a skin consultation agency and a beauty school where I can train the youth and people of all ages about the skin and skincare so that they can live healthier lives. If people understand about skincare most of the problems they face nowadays would be solved.

How can women support each to grow?
Women are social people and so helping each other can be very easy by sharing ideas and the knowledge that they have. When women come together great things happen because they push one another to achieve great things. I believe if women came together, shared ideas and experiences they can achieve a lot and can build a better society for everyone to live in and enjoy.

Happy WOMEN’S DAY to all strong women out there…Let us continue making great strides!!

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