Veronicah Kombe

Veronicah Kombe

Name: Veronicah Kombe
Occupation: Human Resource, Education & Administration Manager
Location: Nairobi

Describe to us your typical day at work
I get to the office at around 7.30am. Normally I have prioritized my to do the previous day or earlier in the morning at home. I will be on my desk working on something on the computer, be it a report, a budget, a concept paper, a policy, a letter or a contract among other things in HR, Admin, business development or procurement. I will mostly work till 10ish and then have departmental meetings from then till around 3pm with a short break for lunch, work and then head out home any time between 5pm and 8.30 pm depending on the workload.

I try to leave by 5.30pm to get home in time for my children’s evening baths, homework checks, dinner and prayer routines and when I can’t at least I know their dad is home before me, so am sort of covered as he is home by 5.00pm.

What are you passionate about?
Seeing young people succeed in any form and manner, either you did not know something and because of the youth empowerment we do at work you see over time people’s lives being transformed. I am drawn a lot to see the lives of vulnerable girls’ turnaround from hopelessness to a life full of hope.

What do you see as the role of a woman in society?
The place and role of a woman is anything they choose to do and commit their heart and mind to.

Tell us where you see yourself in 5 years?
I would do what I do all over and I look forward to leading one of the most influential local organizations, mentoring young people and giving them a fair chance in life.

How can women support each to grow?
Get mentors and genuine friends who hold you accountable to your dreams, character, growth and call you out when it is necessary without fear of losing you as a friend. Having a safe space to express themselves without fear of intimidation and ridicule or misinterpretation. Look out for each other, be it supporting business owned by fellow women, linkage to opportunities, networking and the guts to ask for money for their products and services for those they trade with, not just nice stories.

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