What Moisturizer can Kids use?

What Moisturizer can Kids use?

What Moisturizer can Kids use?

What Moisturizer can Kids use?

We can do anything to give our children the best! From making sure they eat a balanced diet, getting great education, warm shelter, lots of love and kisses too! It is understandable, they are a part of us, literally! Great skin care should be top of the list of what we prioritize while nurturing them if it is not already included. Now that that is established, let us get to know how to pick out the right products for their skin.


What Moisturizer can Kids use?The best and easiest way to choose products for them is by age group and considering the ingredients of the product. From the moment children are born, it is best to introduce products that are gentle on their skin, natural and non-toxic. This is very important, since it only takes the skin approximately 26 seconds to absorb the applied product’s ingredients into the bloodstream. It is best to go through the ingredients written on a product first before buying it.

It goes without saying that babies have very delicate skin, and getting gentle, yet effective skin care products for them is essential. From newborn stage to at least six months, it is advisable that they use unscented, gentle moisturizers. Why unscented? Fragrance is artificially manufactured in labs and can trigger allergic reactions. It is synthetic, unlike the natural scent in essential oils. The babies’ skin, being so sensitive at this stage, can react to the fragrance causing rashes, itchiness, blocked nose etc. The product might smell fantastic, but chances are high it will not feel fantastic on them. If you could use organic moisturizers packed with great, natural ingredients, the better. One good choice is Hawi’s Kids Unscented Moisturizing Balm. It is an organic balm, packed with nature’s goodies that are gentle on the skin, yet deeply moisturize the baby to keep their skin smooth, and supple. The Unscented Balm has healing properties as well! It is effective in managing cradle cap, a common condition in babies in their first month or so. It is also great for preventing diaper rash, as well as soothing and healing the skin whenever rashes occur. It is advisable to apply the balm on them after each diaper change. This fortified moisturizer also combats dry skin, as well as heat rash!

Kids Unscented Moisturizing BalmChildren of all ages can use the Unscented Moisturizing Balm. It is best for those that prefer mild, unscented products, and those whose skin is extra sensitive to scents of any kind. As the children grow older, at least past six months, they can be introduced to natural, scented moisturizers.

As children grow a little older and start exploring through playing and other physical activities, they are more likely to get wounds and scars (whenever they fall), get ashy and darkened elbows and knees, drier skin, among others. A little more effort needs to be put to rejuvenate the skin. Not to worry! It is much easier to take care of their skin than you may think. You can do these simple things for them and train them to do the same as they grow. First, it is advisable to apply the moisturizer of choice twice a day (morning and evening) on them after shower time, and during the day as well depending on the condition their skin is in. If it feels dry, apply some moisturizer on them. Whenever they wash their hands, do not just dry them off, encourage them to apply some moisturizer afterwards.

Kids Scented Moisturizing BalmHawi Nature’s Touch has formulated an organic balm for this larger age group (six months up to pre-teens) – Kids Scented Moisturizing Balm! It has a sweet chocolate scent and is fortified with nature’s finest such as Carob powder which is rich in Vitamin E thus helps in protecting and repairing the skin cells. This healing ability comes in handy to quickly heal any wounds and scars. The main ingredients are Shea butter, coconut oil and sunflower oil which helps locks in moisture, so that the skin can retain it no matter the harshness of the weather. The Balm can moisturize the most delicate skin (as young as six months) keeping their skin soft and preventing diaper rashes too! It also helps those with ashy and darkened elbows and knees (a common occurrence in older kids) by evening out the skin tone, and locking in moisture in these two areas, to eliminate the dryness.


Kids Eczema Therapy BalmHowever, in cases of atopic dermatitis (eczema), it is advisable to use Hawi’s Kids Eczema Therapy Balm instead. Children of all ages can use it. It is formulated to heal eczema by moisturizing the skin to counteract extreme dryness, soothing the itchiness, and reducing the inflammation too! The skin will become smoother and healthier within a few weeks.






All Hawi’s Kids Moisturizing Balms have been tried, tested, and have proven to get the job done! With consistent application of these balms, you too will see great results in your children. It has never been this easy to care for their skin, thanks to Hawi Nature’s Touch!

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