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Hawi Eczema Honey-Shea LipBalm ,10g

Hawi Eczema Honey-Shea LipBalm ,10g

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Hawi Eczema Honey-Shea Lip Balm

100% natural moisturizing lip-balm for dry lips that is flavor/scent free & fragrance free. It is great people who are eczema prone on the lips as it naturally moisturizes the lips without irritating them and helps fade the dark pigmentation that come with eczema flare up on the lips. The ingredients in the lip-balm function as natural healing agent & great moisturizer. It also protects lips from harsh environmental conditions like sun, cold and wind which dries lips excessively. It further helps healing dry chapped lips by keeping them hydrated which promotes healing & nourishing of lips. 


Exfoliating lips is a critical self-care mechanism to help manage and eliminate dry and flaky skin that builds up on the lips which helps restore softness, smoothness and shine on the lips. You can use a lip scrub product of choice or simply a wet toothbrush to do the job. Wet your lips first, gently apply the defoliator of choice/brush your lips with a wet toothbrush in gentle strokes to remove dry flaky skin. Do this once a week or maximum 2 times a week. Over exfoliating or using too much force can damage lips. 


Apply lip-balm after every meal & every time your lips feel dry. Feel free to reapply more if you have extremely dry lips or eczema. 

 Benefits of Hawi Eczema Honey-Shea LipBalm

Raw Shea butter in the lip balm acts as a protective barrier that helps retain moisture on the lips. The lightweight texture of Shea butter is not greasy or sticky which makes it easy to absorb on the lips.

Coconut oil is an emollient that keeps the lips moist blocking bacterial and irritants that damage lips. It has anti-inflammatory properties which aids in healing of lips if & when lips are bruised. It moisturizes the lips leaving them looking radiant and feeling smooth.

Castor oil is rich in the monounsaturated fatty acid ricin oleic acid, a known humectant. Humectants help retain skin moisture by preventing water loss through the outer layer of your skin promoting lip hydration. The omega 3 content strengthens the rejuvenation properties on damaged lips.

Beeswax protects lips and helps them retain moisture. It has lubricating, softening properties and reduces trans-epidermal water loss from lips which prevents lips from becoming dry or chapped. It forms a protective layer on the surface of the lips & locks in moisture from the air which helps keep the lips looking firm and plump. 

Complimentary products of Hawi Eczema Honey-Shea LipBalm :


Shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil & castor oil.

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